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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trip to MAC today 02/22/2009

Hello Guys,
So many of you know that I have a child in college ( if you follow me on Myspace you will find pics of her there), so she came home for the weekend and we had to take another trip to MAC. She is a great child, so I don't mind, not to mention when she becomes the Criminal lawyer that she is studying to be she will take good care of her mom, so I don't mind going to MAC for a NC42 $28.00 Studio Fix Powder and end up spending $273.00... I knew I was being set up, only b/c she was studying the week that HK came out so she would, trick me into getting it. Mind you she doesn't need make up, her skin is flawless, but hey I guess she just had to have both quads, four of the lipsticks, two of the lipglasses, studio fix moisture lotion, this really pretty satin pink called Pink Newaeva, beautiful... the blonde, and redheadhead MSF, I mean she just went crazy and made up for everything that she didn't get herself. The funny thing is that she then wanted to go to Sephoria afterwards, and you know being the mom that I am we went, thank goodness she just wanted to go and get her Clinique #2 three step... KIDS what do you do without them...So guys that was my Sunday.

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