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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Read to your children people, even before they enter the world...

I am soo depressed guys, my baby (2nd) birthday shown here is on her way to 3 this June, It feel like just yesterday, her dad and I were bring her home from the hospital. She has grown up so fast, OMG!!! her vocabulary is amazing, she has the vocab of a (EDUCATED)20yr old.. no joke, whenever we are out we always get the comment, WOW she is really smart, or she talks really good to be two.. Well here is the secret, we ( her dad and I) started reading to her the day that she was conceived, and haven't stopped reading to her, not to mention she has been in school since she was 6 weeks old... she is sooo amazing, look at her so precious, gotta love her... lol

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