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Thursday, April 9, 2009

My First Lacefront

Hi guys, so I found this cool site for lacefront wigs. It took them about a three weeks to send it to me, after I had sent them my head measurements. And yes I do have a big head. I like it... I guess it wasn't what I saw what they were all cracked out to be. My plan is to wear this for 30 days and then start my normal summer hair style routine. Remember I havent had a perm in 3 months so it is really thick under here. I am rocking the Queen Latifah (Set it off) dew, but I had to tuck my braids under and my mom had to sew them togeher so that they won't come apart. This is not a full lace ( just in the front, and regular tightning straps in the back like a normal wig. only b/c, I have very dry scalp and I have to feed it with greese atlease three times a week. Ok guys so here is the sight. Stop by and see what they are workng with. I figured I would start out cheap and see how I like it. So far sooo good. lol If you guys have any other questions message me on youtube.. Love ya!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I love my wigs...

Another day in the life of Gee Gee. Ok so I took my sew in out today and b/c I haven't had a perm in 3 months, my hair was soooo nappy. I want to put a perm in it sooo bad but i'm tryna see how long I can go without a perm. This is really hard.

So hopefully I will stay on the " no perm track for a while". I just notice that when I don't perm my hair for a while it grows like crazy. So hopefully it will be pass my Bra straps this summer, it's already at my shoulder. YAY!