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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 featuring Two Faced Makeup( da bomb)!!!

Hey Dolls,
So I came across this great site, that you all just have to go check out! It's called, this site has just about EVERYTHING in make up land that you can think of, from STILA, CARGO, to my all time fav Two Faced Make up. When I say this site has everything from the latest skin care products to the above mentioned make up brands just to name a few, TRUST me you will me in make up heaven. So guys click on the link to the right as it will take you directly to the site, check it out for yourself, post comments on this post to share with me what you found and purchased. Stay tunned there I will be having a givaway on 01/14/11, so keep it locked for detailed information, all goodies from Apothica!!!!
As always, lata gatazzzz!
Gee Gee

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